Tara Lee Consulting offers the following services to help you concentrate on the larger aspects of your business to keep the profits rolling in.

Website Maintenance: Do you have a website for your business but you do not have the time to keep it up to date with what your company is doing?  We can go in and do it for you!  Provide us with the content and or images that is needed and we can keep your website current and active.  Whether it is updating images and copy, adding items to your calendar or just a quick move of items, we can handle that for you.

Proofreading: Does anyone check copy before it goes live either in print or on the web? Another pair of eyes looking over copy is essential. If the copy has mistakes, it will most definitely reflect badly on your company. Always have another person check your copy before it is published on either the web or in print. I would be very happy to take care of that for you.

Data Entry: Typing.  Most people are not thrilled with it and consider it a low item on the to-do list, which is why it gets forgotten.  But you do need to get things typed and entered so they can be used.  That’s where Tara Lee Consulting comes in.  We don’t mind typing and we even proof what we’ve typed to be sure it makes sense.

PDF Conversions: Convert pdfs to Word documents along with a proof cleanup.

Newsletters: Everyone usually needs one, not everyone enjoys creating them, formatting them, getting them scheduled, etc.

Social Media Management: Almost everyone and every business has a Facebook page, Twitter following, etc.  Do you have the time to be visible to everyone on all of those social media networks? Maintaining a visible presence across the internet in all of these areas is good for keeping you in front of everyone out there so they know where to turn to.  If you don’t have the time to keep up with these, give us a call!  You tell us how often you want to post, where and what.  We do just that.